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In Ukraine and not only! Media 8 has access to panels around the world. Panels take into account national peculiarities, design, languages and currencies. The composition of the panels is formed with maximum regard to the national distribution





River Sampling - Involving respondents online surveys directly from the Internet without registering in the online panel. Media 8 uses the following sources for River Sampling: social networks, popular sites, content sites and forums, and messenger channels.

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programming of questionnaires

The quality of data depends, first of all, on how interesting and understandable questionnaires are for the respondent, how diverse the information is presented, how to keep the attention of the respondent. It is important to consider whether it will be convenient for the respondent to fill out questionnaires from mobile devices. We create exactly the following questionnaires, including interviews.

Requirements Demo Questionnaire

Interviews in the messengers are fast automated polls in the format of the correspondent's usual communication in the messenger. It's easy to get a geolocation and an audio, video, photo response from the respondent. And also it's the convenience for the moderator: automatic reminders respondents, online access to answers, if necessary - the opportunity for direct communication. Would you like to try?

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Media 8's partners can interview respondents who have had contact with specific advertising campaigns. All pixels are cached by Weborama, Adriver, Gemius, Google DoubleClick, and a number of other advertising platforms.

Combining cookie panelists with surveys allows you to measure the effect of online campaigns

Quality Control

Quality control is a multi-stage procedure, which begins at the stage of preparation of the questionnaire, because it is the questionnaire that provides the authenticity of the data that you receive. Quality is monitored at the stage of the respondent's involvement and verification, during the survey and after it is completed.

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Starting a new educational project, we decided to go the right way and start with market research. It was very important for us to find out what the market needs for training programs now, what criteria are important for a person when deciding whether to participate in them, how long a person is ready to study and how much he can pay for it. Thanks to media8 research, we made many discoveries and the right conclusions for ourselves, which helped us to launch the project and not lose anything. + excellent service and customer focus. I am glad that I chose Media 8 and I highly recommend it.

Vasylyshyna Julia Founder and Director, Gate

During the time of cooperation a huge number of projects were conducted both with the mass audience and with the audience, which is quite difficult to reach.

In each project, the company's specialists demonstrate a high level of professionalism, market knowledge, and the ability to work effectively in the shortest possible time.

Particularly I would like to note the orientation of partners for long-term cooperation, understanding of problems and tasks, readiness to search for non-standard solutions.

We will be pleased to continue fruitful cooperation.

Fadeeva Olha Client Relations Manager, Indeps LLC,
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